Monday, December 1, 2014


In an effort to get to know our audience a little better and to improve general communications, we conducted a brief concert survey at our Christmas concert November 29, 2014 at St. Mark's Cathedral. The results are fascinating.

We collected 162 surveys from approximately 350 attendees. Overall, I was surprised how many choral concertgoers were present - they made up 81% of our sample. Cross-choral advertising seems like it might be more effective than I thought.

Postcards are expensive to design, print and mail out. We sent out about 700 postcards. I was secretly hoping for a larger "No" percentage.

Interesting that we attracted a lot of newcomers to this Christmas concert. Happy to see we've also got some recent audience members coming back!

Of the 67 responses that were at their first Byrd Ensemble concert, only a small percentage received a postcard in the mail. We sent an additional 300-400 postcards to a related mailing list - I'm not sure that's working for us quite yet. Also, interesting to note how effective friend recommendations are to first time audience members.

Amazing. 80% of choral concertgoers.

This isn't that surprising, though I expected a higher "yes" percentage. I guess our audience isn't the socially addicted type.



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