Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Chamber Choir Selections

My heartfelt thanks to those that auditioned for the chamber choir. [And thanks to my facebook friends for helping spread the word!] It was great meeting and hearing so many good singers. 

The interest was overwhelming. Over 60 singers auditioned - enough for almost 3 more chamber choirs! If I only had the time. [Though perhaps a good opportunity for someone else to start something similar?]

Below is a list of singers that have been invited to join the chamber choir.

Julia Baker
Tasha Croydon
Ellen Pepin
Ruth Schauble

Erin Calata
Teresa Clark
Turi Henderson
Jessica Martin

Tim Blok
Matt Tracy
Kurt Kruckeberg
Jim Howeth

Kevin Birnbaum
T. J. Callahan
Jeremy Kings
Peter Lifland

Time to figure out what to name this choir. 

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