Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Professional Choirs in the Seattle Area

Byrd Ensemble
Ensemble of 10-12 singers that perform mostly Renaissance polyphony. Directed by Markdavin Obenza www.byrdensemble.com

Consort of about 6-8 voices that performs music from the medieval and renaissance eras, focusing primarily on music composed from 1350–1550. Directed by Anne Lyman. www.canonici.org

A project-based ensemble that collaborates with musicians and composers to connect art with community. Directed by Jeremiah Selvey and Wendy K. Moy. chorosynthesis.org

The Emerald Ensemble
Coming soon. Directed by Gary Cannon.

Mägi Ensemble
Ensemble of 8 singers (SSAA) that perform music from the Baltic region. Directed by Heather MacLaughlin Garbes. www.magiensemble.com

The Tudor Choir
Choir of 10-16 that perform Renaissance polyphony and early American music. Directed by Doug Fullington. www.tudorchoir.org

Chamber Choir of 16 singers that performs unaccompanied choral music. Directed by Markdavin Obenza. www.vox16.com

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