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HIKE 06: Ira Spring Trail - Mason Lake (Snoqualmie Pass, WA)

My brother scored tickets to hike the enchantments this September 2021 and I’m going on a bunch of hikes to get my butt in shape. Will be documenting and reviewing these hikes and talking about the gear I’m using.

Hike 06: Iron Bear - Ira Spring Trail - Mason Lake (Snoqualmie Region)

June 12, 2021

Length: 6.0 miles round trip

Gain: 2099 ft.

Highest Point: 4320 ft

Myla's first hike! This eager pup was ready to hike the whole way, but she ended spending some time in the pack. A pot-holey road takes you to the trail head. The hike starts out through some dense forest until you reach Mason Creek, followed by switchbacks to an alpine meadow with wildflowers and mountain views. The bugs were out in full force. Views seemed spare. Not sure I'd do it again. Intermediate difficulty.


A replacement for my last jacket that did not keep me dry. Didn't get a chance to use it, but from what it feels like, it should do a much better job in the rain.

Love these jackets. I had a blue one, but too small for me right now. I FELT LIKE A SAUSAGE IN IT (ugh), so I bought a larger size.

Altitude, barometer, compass, carolrie counter, GPS, steps, heart rate, oximeter all in one watch.

Seems good so far.

Underrated must haves. Salty sweat in eyes is no fun.

Still feels great. A little bounce makes me feel like I've got Jordans on.

Great, especially for the price.

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